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Have 2 adult dogs & just rescued a 8 mo pupPup wants 2 play other 2 growl & snap - admit they were introduced wrong - HELP ME PLEASE

First male adult is 7 yrs and not the friendliest the other is 5 yr female total mush - rescued 8 mo pup who wants to play play and play adults growl and show teeth and snap - I'm scared - we admit the introduction was wrong - we give more attention to the adults with petting - play and treats - as soon as puppy comes around all hell brakes loose - is there any way we can fix this - thought of getting muzzles for all 3 - it's when they are in the backyard they are at their worse - the pups still thinks its play - I use a cane to get around and have use it to push them away -- bring toys to distract - would appreciate any advice or tips thank you - my heart is pounding so fast from seeing them like this

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Your older dogs feel like that is their territory. I would try putting the older dog on a leash until it is more used to the idea of the puppy. I am by far a trainer or vet but sometimes its just not safe to bring a puppy into that kind of situation especially if it has been a few weeks. Also call your vet and ask for suggestions. Your older dog could have something wrong medically that would make him grouchier or less tolerant. Is he acting out in other ways or towards your other dog? I feel for you and am glad you rescued a puppy but sometimes some dogs just dont vibe. You may want to consider rehoming. Hope this helps.

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