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Facebook - 9 Friends Box and Friendslist on Timeline.?

Hey you guys!

I just started to think about the arrangement of the 9 friends and also the friends list on timeline. But not on my own but on a friends timeline. I just have one mutual friend with this person. In the Box of 9 are people i know she's interacting public quite some time, the roommate and some she's interacting publicly sometimes but not very often. But also there's a girl who doesn't like anything of him and she just liked two pictures of her. Don't know about private messages or comments on Status. When i look at her profile the friends of the box are all in the Top 20 of her Friendlist. Also there are two girls whose profile i viewed very often, but we did not interact at all and we aren't friends. In the Top 20 of the Friendslist of my friend, are always the same people, maybe 2-3 change from time to time.

So how does Facebook decide which friends to show first?

Thanks for answers.

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Here's how it's set up as of the writing of my answer:

On your own profile, it's

1) Any of your top 30? 40? friends who've added a new post, indicated by "x new post(s)" plus a blue dot, then:
2) A couple of really close friends (or lovers, or crushes), then:
3) The latest people you added
If you have nobody in 1) or 2), then they'll all be 3). But naturally, you could also use the 9-box to figure out who is crushing on you: any members of the opposite sex who appear between 1) and 3), especially if you don't stalk them regularly.

On someone else's profile, it's
1) Top three "people you may know" (i.e., you're not friends with them but have a lot of mutual friends, and have never unfriended them before)
2) Six people selected from the top 30? 40? people in their Friends list; mutual friends if you have them.

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