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Does the BDI Corridor Corner Cabinet 8175 allow a larger Receiver to fit in the lower shelf?

Will the lower shelf fit a Yamaha Receiver with a dimension of 17-1/8" width x 7-1/8" height x 17-1/4" depth. Does the angle in back of the BDI 8175 allow for a receiver with a depth of 17 inches?

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So I recently bought the BDI Corridor Corner Cabinet 8175 for my home and thought my large Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080 receiver would not fit. The Yamaha receiver is 17-1/8" wide and 17-1/4" deep. After setting up the BDI corner cabinet, I took the shelf out of the lower right side, and tried to put my receiver in. At first it didn't not go in all the way, but was about 1" too long.

However, after thinking about it some more, I then unscrewed 3 of the shelf screws that held the lower right shelf on (the screws stuck out about a 1/2"). After removing the screws, and then sliding my Yamaha receiver all the way to the left, so that it touched the middle divider, the Yamaha receiver was just able to fit into the lower shelf, and I am now able to close the door to the cabinet. The back right end of the receiver touches the back wall of the angled BDI cabinet. NOTE: I have the receiver on the lower right side of the BDI corner cabinet, which gives me enough room for speaker cords and plugs in the back, but if your Receiver is configured differently in the back, you may need to put it on the lower left side of the BDI cabinet. I'm pretty happy that my Yamaha receiver just fits, and I do not need to dremel out the back of the BDI cabinet or buy a smaller receiver, just to fit into the cabinet.

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