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Are there any major differences between a CD and DVD laser lens cleaner?

Is there any difference in a CD or DVD lens cleaner? Can you use a CD lens cleaner in a DVD drive or will that cause a problem...?

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So I just used an "old" Radio Shack CD Laser Lens Cleaner that has 2 brushes on the disc to try and clean my Xbox 360's DVD player. It seemed to work fine in the Xbox 360 and played the disc as it was supposed to, but Xbox 360's DVD drives support playing both DVDs and CDs.

Unfortunately, using the CD lens cleaner didn't seem to resolve the DVD drive issue of it being able to play DVD games or movies (it does play CDs fine though). So I'm in the process of sending my Xbox 360 to Microsoft's Xbox support so they can fix the drive problem.

At any rate, I'm still not sure if there is any major difference in a CD lens cleaner disc and a DVD lens cleaner disc. It looks like a lot of the lens cleaner discs being sold are compatible for both CD and DVD drives.

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