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Are Donkeys and Mules the Same?

What are the differences between a Mule and a Donkey?

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Everyone can clearly see the difference between a donkey and a horse. But between a donkey and a mule, most people would think that these two different animals are the same. They may look the same to an unpracticed eye, but donkeys and mules are far from being the same. They are two creatures with different characteristics.

First, let us get to know more about the donkeys. A donkey is quite similar to a horse but they are actually from different species. It is a domesticated mammal with short legs, short tail that is similar to a cow’s tail but with hair on the tips, long ears, and a dark strip pattern at the back. Donkeys are often being used in farms as helpers for transportation of goods, however, they tend to be impatient, stubborn, and cannot jump at a standing position.

Mules are very different creature. They cannot reproduce because they are sterile in nature. So how did we get to have mules running around? This is because of the crossing between a male donkey (jack) and a mare (female horse). They can only be produced through the process, which is why mules have 63 chromosomes, unlike the donkeys 62 chromosomes. Mules simply are a hybrid creature, which is why they have different features and qualities. Mules look like a horse especially that they have similar ears with the horse plus a tail the tail that is similar to a horse’s tail. A mule has some characteristics that are similar to a donkey. One of these is its short thick head and a short mane. But mules, unlike donkeys, are tall. One good characteristic that farmers see in a mule is that they are calm and can carry heavy loads that donkeys cannot carry. They are patient and intelligent creatures and can perform tasks easily. Because of their hybrid characteristics, mules are more preferred by farmers over donkeys.

But no matter how very different these two creatures are, their uses and functions in the field have given them much credit for.

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