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Why on Facebook, do I have 7 mutual friends but only 5 visible?

How come you cant see everything when you click on someones page and they have 7 mutual friends but you can only see 5....where are the other 2 friends?

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Facebook probaly is only showing 5 mutual friends because that's what the mutual friend algorithm says to show. Showing 7 friends would be an odd number of people to show.

When both these people have a hidden friends list (their lists are visible to "Only Them"), when you go to either's profile, you will see the number of your mutual friends, but not who they are ("they"= the one's with the hidden friends list)

For example, both A and B have private friends lists. If you go to A's profile, you won't see B's photo (but B still counts as +1 mutual friend) and vice versa.

However if C has a public friends list and he's friends with A or B, you WILL be able to see A and B in C's profile. Both as a "+1 mutual" AND their photos.

The problem is only when both have private friends lists.

wait..who is A, B, and C?


It's a bug in facebook

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