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Can anyone tell me if my facebook friends can see the groups that I am in on my sidebar?

I am in one closed group but people can see members who are in it, just not posts. I am concerned about them just knowing I am in a specific group.

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did you figure this out? i was wondering the same thing as well

I'm not sure about the side bar... but if your friends go to the actual Group page that your a member of it will show a listing of the some of the Members and will show you your Friends who are members of the group. So even if the group is "Closed", your friends could find out if you are in the Group, by visiting the page.

With that said, I don't think there's an easy way for your friends to discover what Groups you are in (I could be wrong). So unless they visit the actual Group page, they may not be able to tell if you are in a particular group.

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