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How huge is the Internet?

How vast is the Internet?

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All about How Huge the Internet Is

• It is actually hard to determine how huge the Internet is simply because it is something that is distributed to a lot of people.

• We can measure its level of traffic, the number of its unique servers, data bytes, websites and the individuals who use it. These factors can help us know the estimated size of the Internet but people seem to forget that these factors are completely different from each other.

• Maybe we can focus more on determining the exact number of individuals who surf the Internet. After all, this is the most basic metric that we can gather. However, keep in mind that Internet users are the Internet’s population and not its size.

A lot of companies have already tried to determine this metric. In fact, they have come up with a figure in 2008 that about 1 billion people were connected to the Internet. Half of these individuals were proven to use the Internet at a minimum of once a week. This just shows that only a few people log-on to the Internet for most of their time.

• If we would determine the size of the Internet based on its byte usage, then we would have to consider the estimated figure that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has given to the public. He said a few years ago that the Internet has about 5 million terabytes of data. His company has consumed 200 terabytes of that amount throughout its 7 years of existence. This is the reason why Google is considered as the Internet’s biggest index.

• When it comes to the number of websites on the Internet. The estimated figure for that metric is about 155 million. However, this figure is not a permanent one since we all know that people won’t stop creating new websites everyday.

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