How to Setup Gmail in Apple's Mail app on iPhone (iOS 6.0)

How to setup Gmail with Apple's Mail app.

Setting up Gmail on your Apple device can involve a few steps.  Here's how to get Gmail setup on an iPhone that uses Apple's Mail app:

1.) Tap the "Settings" app on your iPhone. Then select "Calendar, Contacts and Mail" from the populated list.

2.) Tap on "Add Account".

3.) Enter all the information that would be asked from you with regards to your new email account (Name, Email, Password, Description.  NOTE: I recommend you put your email address in the Description field, so you can easily identify it later if you have other email accounts in the iPhone Mail app). Then, click "Next", then if the account is verified, tap the "Save" button.

4.) Make sure that the Mail tab is selected to "ON" (has a blue highlight).

5.) Click on "Save". Wait for your device to check the details that you have entered and send you back to the page of phone’s Settings for Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

6.) Your new Gmail account should now be added to your iphone!



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