How to Convert an old Kitchen Plastic Garbage Can into a Wrapping Paper Storage Container

by Updated December 20, 2011

For about the last three years I've kept an old tall plastic Kitchen garbage can in my garage (that wasn't being used), ever since getting a nice new shiny Simple Human garbage can.  I really had no use for the old plastic garbage can, but never wanted to throw it out because there wasn't anything wrong with it.  I even tried giving it away, but didn't get any takers.  Well, tonight I was in my garage and looked at the plastic garbage can and finally decided it's been in my garage for far too long and decided to finally get rid of it for good.  I went ahead and placed it in my main trash container and went back inside. 

Well about 15 minutes later, I started cleaning up my Christmas wrapping paper after getting all my presents wrapped for Christmas when a "revelation" hit me.  I could use the old plastic garbage can for storing my wrapping paper in...Wow!  OK, so while this may not be one of the most brillant revalations of all time, it felt pretty good that I actually finally found a great use for the old plastic garbage can, just minutes after deciding to finally get rid of it! 

For the past few years, I've just used an old card board box in my basement to throw all my wrapping paper in, but that never worked out all that great. And while I know you can buy wrapping paper storage containers (which I was actually thinking about doing), I never had. 

So I went back out to my garage and retrieved the plastic garbage can out of my main trash bin, and brought it inside to clean up.  After cleaning up the garbage can, I ended up putting a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the container, so the wrapping paper would rest on a more even surface.  Now this plastic garbage can resides in my basement as my new gift wrapping paper storage container.

So in case you get a shiny new garbage can for Christmas this year and aren't quite sure what to do with your old plastic garbage can, hopefully this story helps spark an idea or two for something you can use your old garbage can for (like storing Chrismas wrapping paper).



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