How to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive

Ways to make a long-distance relationship work.

Here are some ways to make your long-distance relationship work:

1.) Name what you have.

In this kind of relationship, putting a name to the connection that you have with each other can help both of you to stay guided even when you’re miles apart. It would even be better if you have an “interview” with your partner and ask him or her whether he or she sees your connection as a lifetime commitment or not. This step is not an easy thing to do but it can surely strengthen your relationship.

2.) Set “rules” in your relationship.

You don’t have to set hard rules in your relationship. Keeping a constant communication, putting God in the center of your lives etc will have to do but remember that your partner must be fully agreeable to these terms for you to have a harmonious relationship.

3.) Be intimate when you see each other.

You must stay attracted and excited with your partner despite the great distance between the two of you. Thus, show sweet gestures towards the one you love every time you get to see each other.

4.) Comfort your partner in any way that you can.

Remember that it is your responsibility to make your partner feel better whenever he or she is sad or is having a hard time. Thus, comfort them through email, phone or video chat. Failure to do so might make them feel neglected and they might lose faith in your relationship.

5.) Keep the sense of balance in your relationship.

As they say, it takes two to tango. Thus, your effort in keeping the relationship alive must be shown by your partner as well. You need to understand and trust each other at all times.

6.) Leave them something to remember you.

Leave your favorite shirt or anything that you value the most to your loved one so they won’t greatly be affected by your absence.

7.) See your relationship in a different light.

Smile at the fact that you have someone who truly loves you and don’t dwell too much on the distance that you have from each other. This helps both parties to stay contented with their present situation. Besides, a long distance relationship can help you grow as an individual and it can also help you to be a better partner to your loved one. Remember that you won’t be away from each other forever, so be happy and stay secure with your partner.

8.) Have loads of trust.

Never let jealousy eat you up and make you a person that’s not worthy to love. You have placed yourself in this kind of relationship and you must know by now that it’s not going to be easy. Don’t immediately judge your partner just because he or she went out with his or her coworkers last night. Have loads of trust and realize that your partner’s life isn’t all about you and so is yours.

9.) Grab that leave.

Grab every opportunity that you have to get home to your partner simply because hugs are always better than video chats. Also, consistency in the relationship can truly make it last for a long time.

10.) Make the distance as your motivation.

See the distance that you have from each other as a source of motivation. Use it to strengthen your relationship. Keep the faith.

11.) Imagine the future.

If you both see yourselves marrying each other someday, then all of your sacrifices are truly worth it in the end.

12.) Do things together.

Yes, you’ve read step no.12 right. Distance is not a hindrance to having the same hobby with your partner. You can read your favorite novels together or watch the latest film together even despite the fact that you follow different time zones. These things can actually help you to stay connected with your beloved partner

13.) Suggest new hobbies to your partner.

This step can truly make your partner occupied during his or her free time. Thus, he or she won’t feel extremely lonesome when you’re away. New hobbies can also serve as great topics to talk about with your partner when he or she gets home.

14.) Never force your partner.

Realize that you and your partner have the freedom to leave the relationship any time you want. If you love each other and are absolutely happy with each other’s company, then treasure what you have. If you see a better future with someone else, then be open and tell your partner immediately.



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