How to Survive When your Water is Turned Off

Tips to get by when the water is turned off to your home.

Your water lines won't stay in top condition forever or at some point you may need to turn off the water supply to home home to fix a dishwasher or leaky faucet. Thus, in the future you'll need to turn off the water to your home and be without a constant stream of water. When that time comes and you have to turn off the main water line to your house, here are some steps that you can do to survive without water.

1.) Wake up as early as possible. This will give you ample time to do all the things that you need to before the plumbers turn off your water supply.

2.) Fill up containers of water and place them in your refridgerator so you have back up water to drink or wash your hands when the water is turned off.  Or else pick up some bottled water from the grocery store.

3) If you have not taken a shower or bath yet when plumbers arrive,  then just keep yourself busy by reading a book, writing, listening to your favorite tracks or watching your favorite TV series as you wait for the plumbers to finish their job.

4.) If you have to use the toilet when the water is turned off, you'll need 5 gal of water to eliminate your waste from it.  You'll get one flush, before needing to fill the tiolet tank with water, so you can flush the toilet even if it entails you having to go back and forth to refill the tank before flushing. Remember that a minimum of 5 gal of water is the key for you to have a clean bowl once again so try your very best to achieve that amount of water.

5.) If you don't have any back up water, then apply some rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer into your hands after you are done using the toilet.

6.) If you don't have any water and need some quickly, then ask a nieghbor if you can fill up a container or water jug from there outdoor water outlet.

7) Most importantly, remember to always fill huge jugs with clean drinking water and store them for situations like this. Plus, you’ll never know when your home will be hit by a severe storm, so having emergency water for backup is always good idea to have so you can be ready at all times.



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