How to Stop Being Materialistic and Be Truly Happy

7 steps for you to stop being materialistic and for you to finally find your true happiness.

Sometimes, material things keep us from being truly happy. There are just some things in life that money can’t buy and when we think of our material possessions as items that we can’t live without, we start becoming persons we barely even know. We begin to become selfish and we forget that we can’t bring our houses and countless cars with us when we pass away.

Thus, here are 7 easy steps for you to stop being materialistic and for you to finally find your true happiness.

1.) Start by having your regular routine revolve around non materialistic activities. Go for a short nature walk early in the morning and appreciate everything that surrounds you. If you’re the artistic kind of a person, then paint someone you love or create meaningful art pieces.

2.) Go through your wardrobe and take out all the clothes that you don’t like or use anymore. Spend the whole day rummaging over all of your things and keep only the items that are essential to you. This would certainly make you realize that you have more than what you need.

3.) Be more concerned abut the environment. Once you get into this kind of mind set, you would start conserving gas and purchase things that wouldn’t contribute to the problems that Mother Nature is dealing with nowadays.

Hopefully, you would also begin to recycle things which would certainly lessen the pollution in our society. You would start to use products in your home for a long term basis.

4.) Avoid browsing too much over the Internet. Materialism is written all over the World Wide Web so if you really want to be happy and completely contented with your life, then stop yourself from visiting online stores that would only encourage you to shop excessively. Know your limits and stick to your goal.

5.) Don’t watch too many shows on TV. We are not asking you to completely disconnect yourself from what’s happening outside your home. We are simply encouraging you to limit your access to the things that would make you feel that you need more of this and you want more of that. Try going on without TV for 72 hours. If you have survived that phase, then proceed to 7 days without watching any show.

6.) Consider purchasing second hand clothing and gadgets. Everything you have doesn’t have to be new. Get out of your comfort zone and discover the world of flea markets and thrift shops. Just so you know, these stores exist and they can definitely make you get the best out of your money.

7.) Don’t shop simply because you want to. If you want to drive materialism out of your system, then shop because you need to. Stop being a spoiled brat and realize that a lot of people on the streets don’t have clothes to wear while you are splurging your money with things that you are not even necessary. Don’t treat shopping as food that you can’t live without.



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