How to Stay Away From Eating Genetically Modified Foods

How Can You Avoid Genetically Modified Food?

Foods which are genetically modified may not be as healthy as natural ones but the fact remains they are allowed by credible government agencies to be sold in the market. Nevertheless, if you do not want to include genetically modified foods in your meals, then here are steps you can take to prevent GM food items from ending up on your plate.

1.) Know the list of foods that can be genetically modified. Papayas, dairy products, cotton, sugar beets, rapeseed or canola, corn and soybeans are just some of the GM foods which are sold in grocery stores.

2.) Purchase whole foods. Learn how to prepare and cook your own meals. If you already know how to cook, then don’t be afraid to come up with new and exciting recipes.

Also, stay away from processed foods which can be often found in bags and boxes. Avoid dining out in fast food chains as well.

3.) Buy foods from your local stores such as your local co-op and farmers' markets. This can prevent you from purchasing GM food items and these stores actually offer cheaper products letting you stick to your limited budget. You can even have a conversation with the farmer regarding your views about genetically modified products.

4.) Purchase foods which have GMO- free or non-GM labels on them. These items may be hard to find but you can always seek the help of the Internet with regards to this matter. Search for the names of the manufacturers which don’t supply GM products.

5.) Buy cattle or sheep’s meat only if it’s fed on pasture or grass. Just purchase completely organic meat for you to avoid consuming the GM corn which is being fed to some cattle in the United States. Always be careful when you do your grocery shopping, if you want to stick to a GMO-free diet.

6.) Pay attention to the numbers which can be found on vegetable and fruit labels. A number which has 5 digits and starts with 9 implies that the food is organic while a number which has 5 digits and starts with 8 refers to a genetically modified product.

7.) Search for CCOF, Oregon Tilth or QAI marks on the foods that you would be buying. These are Trusted Organic Certification companies and their approval on a certain product guarantees you that it is not a GM item.

8.) Purchase products that are 100% organic. These items are easy to find if you are living in Canada or the United States. You just have to look into the label of the food that you want and you would immediately know whether it’s 100% organic or not. Organic items may have higher price values but they are definitely good for your health.

9.) Plant your own fruits and vegetables. If you have a huge backyard, then make use of it and create a mini farm inside your premises. By doing so, you can be sure that your foods are not genetically modified.



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