How to Replace Humidifier Evaporator Pad Filter for Skutttle Humidifier

by Updated October 6, 2019

WARNING: Electrical SHOCK Hazard... Disconnect or Turn OFF Electrical Power and Water Supply OFF before servicing your humidifier.

1) Turn OFF Furnance and Air Conditioning... It would be a good idea to flip fuse to off at electrical box for your furnance / air conditioning  (Turn OFF electric).

2) Remove cover to humidifier by unscrewing attachment screw located on the bottom front edge of humidifier cover.

3) Remove evaporator pad by holding tab on the waterdistribution tray and pulling it forward.

4) Wipe or scrape out any calcium deposits from distribution tray and catch tray in bottom of humidifier mounting base.

5) Remove drain hose from bottom of humidifier. If you have a flexible hose, bend hose back and forth several times to loosen any minerals inside hose.

6) Flush hose with a pressurized water source and reattach it to the humidifier drain fitting.

7) Place new wick in the drip tray.

8) Place new evaporator pad in bottom of tray with colored indicator pointing up. Put distribution tray on top and tilt assembly back into mounting base.

9) Reinstall humidifier cover and attach with screw.

10) Turn on water supply and electrical power.

11) You can now Turn furnance thermostat up to activate heating system. Thurn the humidifier humidistat all the way up to ensure operation.

12) After furnance blower starts up, check for proper draining through the drain hose. Then look for any leaks around the humidifier.

13) Now make sure to return the furnance thermostat and humidifier humidistat to their proper settings.

NOTE: Annual replacement of the evaporator pad and wick is recommended for the best humidifier efficiency.





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