How to Recover a Wet Cell Phone

Ways to Salvage a Wet Cell Phone.

Actually, having a wet cell phone is not the end the world. If you have the presence of mind and are able to act quickly upon the situation, then you may not have to a buy a replacement just yet. There are things you can do to save your mobile device and this article will give you the steps to do just that.

1.) Get your device out of the water as quickly as you can. Water can easily get into the case of your phone so you would have to respond fast once you've dropped your phone in water.  Don’t just stare at your floating device. Take a hold of your phone and shut it off as soon as you get it out of the water. By doing so, you can avoid being slightly electrocuted by your device.

2.) If you were charging your device at the time it got submerged in water, then you would want unplug the charger from the wall (or call a professional). This is a very crucial situation since it involves both the elements of water and electricity.

3.) After doing step 1 or step 2, get a few cloth or paper towels. Lay your device in these materials as you carefully get the battery out of your mobile phone.

If the water damage indicator near the corner of your battery has turned red or pink, then that only means that your phone’s already been damaged with water.

4.) Get your phone’s SIM card as well. This is to help you retrieve your contacts even if you can’t save your phone. Most SIM cards have the capacity to withstand the presence of water, but it would still be better for you to get it out of your phone as soon as possible.

5.) Remove the cover or case, memory card and ear buds of your phone as well. Get everything removed that blocks the crevices, slots and gaps of the device for you to better expose them to air for further drying. This step will help you remove all the water that has penetrated your device for you to make it work again.

6.) Grab a small towel or rag and further dry up your phone. Your goal is to set it free from even the smallest water molecule if you really want to get it back to its normal state.

Note: If you are using a paper towel, make sure that the paper doesn’t get clogged up in the grooves and gaps of the device that may prevent further damage to your phone.

7.) You can consider using a hair dryer for drying up your phone. Thus, don’t be afraid to place your device under the drying equipment. Remember that you must do everything you can to save your phone.

8.) If you don’t have a hair dryer at home, then here’s a cheaper way to dry your phone up. You can put your device in a bag or bowl of rice (uncooked) all throughout the night for the grain to remove all the water from your phone. You can also use a desiccant instead of rice.

9.) Just lay your device in all the paper, napkins and towels that you can find. These materials can certainly absorb the moisture that’s left inside your phone. Just don’t lose hope on your device. Waiting for a day or two for your phone to completely dry out is way easier than finding the money to buy a new one.

10.) After doing all of the steps that we have suggested above, it’s now time for you to put your device to a test. However, make sure that you have waited a minimum of 1 day before you put the battery back into your phone and turn it on. Also, be certain that your device doesn’t have any dirt or dust inside it.

NOTE: You have to know that you are not allowed to completely take your device apart unless you have the necessary skills to do that task. Thus, simply call a professional to have your phone fixed to prevent you from acquiring harmful components or chemicals. This is for your own safety so just heed to this advice if you really don’t know how to open up your device.

If you’re using a mobile phone from Apple, then you can buy cases from Hitcase which are waterproof to guard your device from water.



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