How to Paint Table Legs or Chairs with No Drips or Clumpy Puddles

Here's an easy way to avoid paint puddles at the bottom of chair legs when painting.
by Updated August 19, 2019

Here's a quick and easy way you can avoid paint drips and clumpy paint puddles at the bottom of chair legs or table legs when painting. 

  1. Simply use four sturdy nails or screws, (around 2" in length, that can support the weight of the table or chair) and gently nail (or screw) them into the bottom of the legs. 
  2. Now when you go to paint that chair legs, you'll be able easily paint around the bottom of the legs avoid any paint puddles or drips that can happen if you were to leave the legs directly on the ground while painting.

See the video below where Joanna Gaines explains a simple secret to painting the legs of furniture all the way to the bottom with no drips and no mess.



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