How to Make Head Cheese


Head cheese is a culinary delicacy of many countries all over the world. For those who do not know what a head cheese is, it is not any kind of cheese that we find but rather, it is a different dish which is made from a pig or cow’s head. Making a head cheese is quite easy.

Steps in Making a Head Cheese

Step 1: Acquire a pig’s head or a calf’s head. It would be best if it is newly slaughtered.

Step 2: Wash the head clean. For a pig’s head, shave off the bristles while a cow’s head should be properly skinned. Remove the eyes and ears and clean the ear canals. Split the head into two or four.

Step 3: Simmer the head in a large cooking pot until meat is fully tender. The meat should fall off from the skull and bone. Once tender, remove from heat and allow the meat to cool.

Step 4: Chop the meat and add seasoning or vegetables. Cooking liquid should be strained and added to the meat. Once mixed together, pour the mixture into a molding pan or container then put it inside the refrigerator to set.

Step 5: Once cooled and set, remove it from the pan or molder then slice it into pieces then serve.


Different countries serve or make head cheese in different ways. Some would add pig’s tongue or leg while others use chicken or fish. Souse, which is a popular name for head cheese in Louisiana are often served with hot sauce and vinegar. European countries also have a variety of head cheese added with their own twists of flavors to give a distinct character of their dish. Denmark for example often adds spices, bay leaves, and pickled beets while in Estonia, green vegetables and carrots signify the uniqueness of their head cheese.



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