How to Live a More Simple, Happy & Peaceful Life


Most of us have fast paced lives and a lot of us have jobs which demand most of our time.  Thus we often forget that life is often better when it's simple and it should give us the peace of mind that we need. Below are a few steps on how you can bring peace and simplicity back into your life.

1.) Have a peaceful relationship with all the people around you.

2.) Enjoy your present life. Be grateful and be content with everything that you have. Don’t seek things that you don’t need.

3.) If you’re someone who daydreams a lot, then you'll have to stop that habit. Make things happen in your life by exerting effort in everything that you do and not just by sitting there with wishful thinking.

4.) Be aware of the things which make you happy. If eating one bar of chocolate puts a huge smile on your face, then consume more than one bar on a regular basis.

5.) Set a time when you are allowed to forget about your worries for a while. Close your eyes and just think of your family or your special someone.

6.) Have some time for well. Meditate on the things that are going on in your life. Meditate in a quiet place if you have to.

7.) Know the things which stress you out and get rid of them one by one. Remember that a blissful life is one that is free from unnecessary stressors.

8.) Don’t do a lot of things at the same time. This will only bring you mental and physical stress. Keep in mind that you can’t serve two masters at the same time so just finish one task so you can proceed with the other.

9.) As you do your task, enjoy it. This will make you love your work more and will make you think of the job as a past time and not as regular work.

10.) If you have a to-do list, then trim that list down. Stop yourself from completely controlling the course of your life.

11.) Don’t just work all the time. Take a day to relax and gain back the energy that you have lost over a tiring week. Get back to your hobbies once in while.

12.) If you can’t do everything in a day, so be it. You are not a superhuman and you also need time to sleep and eat. Don’t be such a workaholic.

13.) Don’t be committed to a lot of things. Sometimes, commitments are the same things which bring complication to our lives. Thus, it’s best to have less of them in our day to day living.

14.) Know your priorities. This makes you realize that you don’t need a lot of things to be truly happy and content with your life. Just know the things which really matter to you.

Additional Tip:

Don’t waste every opportunity that comes your way. It’s better to experience mistakes than haunting regrets in one’s life.



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