How to Land a Job and Advance your Career

Tips to find your dream job and advance your career.
by Updated March 1, 2013

When looking to get a job, you want to have knowledge in two areas: 1) yourself and 2) the position for which you are applying for. You might think you can skip the step in getting to know more about yourself, but you actually can’t. You need to be aware of the direction you want your career to take, especially if you expect to land the job that you are really interested in. Always remember that you will never fully succeed in a certain field if you don’t have a passion for what you are doing.

Thus, here are the stages that you would have to go through in order to successfully get the job of your dreams.

I. Making Sure That You Are Qualified For the Job

1.) Make some changes on your resume. Make sure that it is updated and that it doesn’t lack any of your personal information. Your resume should be your exact reflection towards your prospective employers. It must always say the truth about you.

2.) Practice your answer to the most common yet most crucial questions of an interviewer which is “Tell me about yourself." Don’t take this question too lightly for your answer will determine the interviewer’s first impression towards you and will help him or her make the choice whether to let you get through the initial interview or not.

Just make sure that you state your answer in an even tone. You can practice this scenario with your friend and have him or her give you constructive criticism.

3.) Take note of the skills that would make you more efficient in your work. Take the time to learn all of them for your future employer to see that you are capable of improving yourself as a professional. Attend seminars and read some books that can teach you the things that you would want to know. Just continue to enrich your knowledge for you to steadily climb up of the corporate ladder. Dream big, yet place your feet on the ground.

II. Advance Research

1.) Practice providing answers to behavioral questions. You can ask your friend again to throw these type of questions at you. In a behavioral interview, you would be given situations and you would be asked how you would deal with them. You may also be asked of the conflicts that you have experienced in your previous work and whether you have stayed on top of the situation or not. Remember to be honest and confident with all of your answers.

2.) Do some research on the background of your prospect company. Put their vision and mission into heart for you to show the interviewer that you are serious in your intention to become a part of the company. Having memorized almost everything about the company would certainly give you an added edge that you need among other applicants. You need to be more aggressive than others so don’t be a lazy bum when preparing for your job interview.

III. Exert More Effort

1.) If you have a friend who is the manager or the human resource head of a certain company, then ask if they are looking for new employees. If he or she tells you that they are, then let them give you the list of open positions. If you find an interesting job in that list, grab the opportunity and ask your friend to help you out. Ask if they can recommend you for the job or not. If your friend’s company is not hiring, then look for another company.

2.) Do some volunteer work for an organization which shares the same passion as yours. By doing volunteer work, you are fulfilling your responsibility of being a good citizen to your country and you are also making good job referrals in the future. It’s basically hitting two birds with one stone.

3.) If you have acquaintances, extended family members or even friends who are influential in the world of business, then don’t be afraid to ask them for their help. We’re talking about finding a job that can pay for your daily expenses so it’s time for you to swallow that pride and forget about your ego. If you indeed have true friends surrounding you, then they won't hesitate to extend a helping hand to make you realize your dreams.

IV. Change Your Perspective

1.) Apply for jobs that are suitable for the skills that you have. Yes, you can improve as time goes by but there are just some jobs that aren’t meant for you. For example, if you are not a creative type of a person, then don’t apply for a graphic designer position. Don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not. This will only make you miserable for the rest of your life. Focus on your interests and on the thing that you are good at.

2.) If you used to transfer from one city to another in the past, then it’s time for you to settle down in one area. Most companies are looking for new employees who can stay in their jobs for years. If you can’t live in one location for an extended period of time, then there’s a great possibility that you would never land on the job of your dreams. Thus, rethink your priorities and make a wise decision.

3.) Apply for a job with the perspective that you are here to help the company to prosper. If you’re only thinking about the salary and benefits that you would be getting from the company, then they won't look highly on your and might not hire you. Start treating your prospect employers like the members of your own family. See them as people who can help you grow as a professional and who can give you a job that will give more meaning to your life. Begin seeing things beyond the pay check.



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