How To Keep The Love Alive With A New Child

A healthy relationship requires love, patience, and dedication.

Having a baby can be the most magical time in your life; however, romance between partners often suffers due to lack of time and attention. Maintaining a loving relationship with your spouse is important not only to the development of your child, but to facilitating the change from partners to parents.

Step One

Surprising your partner with a hug and a kiss every day takes less than one minute to do and imparts love into a sometimes frustrating transition with a new child. By this small offering, you are showing your support and love for your spouse as well as fostering a sense of affection.

Step Two

At least once per month, schedule a date sans baby. Ideally, twice per month will give you the opportunity to reconnect without worrying about and tending to a small baby. Give yourselves a chance to unwind, talk about things besides the baby, and a chance to let the romance show. Go to a restaurant that you used to frequent or take in a show. Or, maybe sign up for dancing classes for a chance to strengthen your bond as partners and friends, not parents.

Step Three

Don’t think about all the time you are losing together; instead, think about the new found moments of being a family together. Simply spending time with your spouse watching a sleeping child can be a huge romance booster because you know that your love together created this wonderful being.

Step Four

Learn to embrace your new relationship status. You are not going to have as spontaneous of a love life as you once did; this is inevitable with a new baby in the house demanding food and attention at all hours of the day and night. Learn to laugh about your rushed moments together to create a new type of relationship – filled with love and interruptions by children.

Step Five

Ultimately, you need to work at your relationship constantly if it is going to survive. If you think that a partnership is not work, you are sorely mistaken and maybe that is why divorce rates are so prevalent nowadays. Work to keep your relationship fresh is the ultimate step to keeping your love alive.

Remember, your children will look up to you, the parents, to understand how a healthy relationship is supposed to be like. Set yourselves up for a healthy and loving relationship not only benefits you, but your children and their development.



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