How to Install Inducer Draft Blower in Rheem Classic 90 Plus Gas Furnace

Quickly and easily replace a loud vibrating draft inducer blower in Rheem Gas Furnace.
by Updated November 2, 2019

For the last two years my Rheem Classic 90 Plus gas furnace started getting louder and louder, and vibrating every time the furnace first started to run (before blowing hot air out the vents). I didn't know what the problem was, until I had my local heating and cooling company come out and do a service checkup and clean the furnace (at the end of last winter). At that time, the service guy told me that the Inducer blower was starting to go bad (probably bad bearings) and it would cost over $600 to replace (but would cost more if I needed to make an emergency call to fix the problem if the furnace stopped working completely). The service cleaning of the furnace did seem to help to quiet the draft inducer slightly, but the main problem remained, that the draft inducer was starting to fail.

Well, the furnace inducer blower did make it through the end of the winter last year, but I knew I didn't want to chance things for a third year on an inducer blower that was nearly 20 years old. So not knowing anything about gas furnaces I wanted to see if it was possible for me to replace the inducer blower without having to call the heating company and paying $600+ to do the install. Well after taking a look at some YouTube videos, looking at the Rheem Classic 90 Plus documents, and inspecting the inside of the Rheem Classic 90 Plus furnace, I came to the conclusion that it should be fairly easy to install a new inducer myself and went ahead and purchased a new Fasco Draft Inducer (model #70623861) for $219 from amazon.  Just note, that the return policy of buying one of these from a seller on amazon may not be great, so be sure to check the return policy before ordering to see if they require an authorized licensed HVAC installer in order to return item for full price (in case it does not work).

Ultimately, it was super easy to install and took roughly 20 minutes to remove the old inducer and install the new Fasco Inducer blower in my Rheem gas furnace and completely solved my problem of a loud vibrating inducer when the furnace would start running. But messing around with a gas furnace is dangerous, so if you're unsure of what you're doing always contact a professional.

What You Need to Install Draft Inducer for Rheem Classic 90 Plus furnace

How to Remove Draft Inducer for Rheem Classic 90 Plus furnace

  1.  IMPORTANT:  Before working on your furnace make sure the following is TURNED OFF
    • TURN OFF Thermostat
    • TURN OFF Gas to the furnace (my furnace has a gas shut off valve right next to the furnace to turn off gas)
    • TURN OFF Electric to the furnace  (my furnace has a switch right next to the furnace to turn electric off)
  2. Open the furnace panel that houses the draft inducer blower.
  3. Disconnect the plastic wire clip that connects the black / brown / white wires together.
  4. Disconnect the yellow/green wire.
  5. Disconnect the rubber hose that goes into the draft inducer.
  6. Use a screw driver to unscrew 4 screws holding draft inducer to back panel, and 1 screw that holds the large plastic pipe to the inducer. (5 screws total).
  7. Now just carefully remove the draft inducer by wiggling the inducer off the large plastic pipe, then remove entire inducer from the inside.
  8. Clean inside of plastic piping (I had white calcium/salt like deposits that needed to be cleaned out), and also clean back wall of where the inducer gets mounted for any debris, so the new inducer mounts flush to the back.

Install Draft Inducer for Rheem Classic 90 Plus furnace

  1. Install the new draft Inducer by attaching the inducer to the black plastic pipe to the new Inducer.
  2. Now mount the inducer to the back wall, by using the 4 screws, and 1 screw to attach the plastic piping to the inducer.
  3. Connect the plastic wire clip that connects the black / brown / white wires together.
  4. Connect the yellow/green wire.
  5. Attach the rubber hose to the draft inducer
  6. Use a zip tie to bundle wires together, to keep them organized.
  7. Close the panel to the furnace.
  8. TURN ON Electric to the furnace.
  9. TURN ON Gas to the furnace.
  10. TURN ON Heat to the Thermostat (Keep in mind, the first time I turned on the heat to the Thermostat the furnace started up and ran for a few minutes, but I could need change the heat up or down, so the first time it runs after the change, the furnace may need to cycle through.  I then turned off the furnace and the next time I turned on the furnace, I could change the heat up and down.
  11. That's it...

All in all, this removal and replacement took roughly 20 minutes and saved me at least $400 dollars. I've never done any repairs to my furnace, but this was as simple as home improvement projects come. My Rheem Classic 90 Plus furnace now is nearly silent when it first starts up and no longer has any vibration that can be felt throughout the house. I'm really happy with how fast and easy this was to do myself and how much money this ultimately saved me. If you can use a screw driver, can turn off gas and electric to your furnace, this is a job just about anyone can do themselves.

How to Replace Inducer Blower in Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace



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