How to Help Someone Who Might Commit Suicide

What can I do to help a person who's suicidal?

Talking to someone who has suicidal attempts on his or her mind is definitely not an easy thing to do. Thus, if you are given this task, be careful approaching the person for one wrong move can cause the individual’s life. Use this article as a guide in doing things right for you and the person in order to get down to the bottom of his or her problems.

1.) Lend your ears to the person. If he or she reaches out to you, then be there for that individual whole heartedly. He or she may be very dissatisfied with everything that’s going on in his or her life and what that person needs right now is a friend that wouldn’t immediately judge him or her, someone whom he or she can lean on to.

2.) Pay attention to what he or she is saying. If your friend says something like: “No one would cry if I pass away”, then there’s a great possibility that he or she is seriously considering the act of suicide. The person’s mood shifts, inefficiency at work or school, lack of appetite and sudden decision to be isolated from everybody can also be signs of a suicidal attempt.

3.) You can carefully ask your friend about his or her suicidal attempt. By doing so, you are making the person realize that he or she can openly discuss the situation with you and that he or she is not alone in this whole ordeal. During the conservation, make the person see that life has a lot to offer despite all the trials in it.

4.) Be understanding. Try to place yourself in the person’s shoes. If he or she confesses one’s reasons for thinking of suicide, then consider these details as important. Never call your friend a lunatic. You would only be encouraging him or her to kill one’s self. You have not experienced all the pain that this person has gone through, so don’t be quick to judge.

5.) Never put the person to shame and great humiliation. Your main goal to prevent him or her from “jumping off that cliff” and not to push that individual to do so. Don’t make him or her feel that it’s a ridiculous idea to commit suicide. Instead, make that person realize that he or she can still make a change in ones’ life and that he or she is still in full control.

6.) Ask about their reasons for still living. They certainly have reasons for not committing suicide yet. Make them realize their purpose in life once again. Ask about their families or closest friends if necessary. For most people, home is closest to their hearts so use that as your advantage. Let them talk as long as they can.

7.) Be patient and continue to find more ways to make them chose life over death. If they have just come up from a very painful divorce or break up, make them realize that they can overcome this trial and that they’re stronger than this. If they have kids, let them realize the future of their little ones without a parent that they can call their own.

8.) Ask about their dreams and goals in life. Make them realize the things that they would be missing if they chose to stop now. Let them see what lies ahead and what can happen if they decide to move on and change for the better. Be the “painter” of their dreams and get them to realize that it’s a beautiful portrait after all.

9.) Keep them safe. If they have planned to die with the use of drugs, then get those things from them. However, make sure that they would be willing to give those drugs to you. After that, plan out the next 3 days of their lives. Make sure that they get to do the things that they love and what makes them happy. Convince them with all of your might

10.) Continue to follow up with these people. You have just saved them from misery but your role doesn’t stop here. You need to be there for them until they don’t think of suicide anymore. Keep encouraging them to do better things in life. Be their friend for the coming weeks or even months. Don’t leave them on their own for you’ll never know when they would think of committing suicide again.

11.) Seek the help from professionals. These people would know what to do to further calm your friend down. However, don’t contact the authorities in front of your friend. This would only make him or her feel betrayed and continue to kill one’s self in the end. Seek help discretely and don’t feel guilty about it. This is for his or her own good and know that you’re only doing the right thing.



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