How to Give Valentine’s to Friends

by Updated April 8, 2010

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration that celebrates love, affection, and friendship usually between companions or very intimate friends. It falls on February 14th of every year. It is traditionally a day where people express their love for one another by giving gifts, usually flowers, candy and cards.You can also express your love for friends and family by sending out Valentines, just to let people know you are thinking of them.

Step 1: List out all friends, family and co-workers that you wish to send Valentines remembrances out to. Be sure that you have everyone’s home or work addresses and that they are current and up to date.

Step 2: Depending on your list of people, you may choose to send out your Valentines in a number of different ways. You can purchase greeting cards, send e-greetings online, bake cookies or candy, send flowers, etc.

Step 3: If you will be mailing out cards, make sure that you mail them at least two weeks ahead of Valentine’s Day. The last thing you want is a late greeting card.

Step 4: Again, if you are sending candies, cookies, or flowers, make the arrangements at least two weeks in advance to ensure on time delivery.

Step 5: If you are baking anything, do it the night before Valentine’s Day and wrap them in cellophane to ensure freshness.

Step 6: E-greetings can be preset to send out the night before for a no-hassle Valentines greeting.

Step 7: Special gifts should be delivered by hand personally along with a handwritten note. Be sure to always add a personalized note so that your friends know you were thinking of them.

Here are a few ideas for specialized gifts for those looking to make a bit more of an impact.

  • Single roses are a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them. And depending on the color of the rose, you can signify your feelings towards them. For example, red obviously means love, yellow means friendship, orange means a burning desire, pink means adoration and affection, etc.
  • Small teddy bears are inexpensive and a cute way to perk up a friend.
  • Small, heart shaped confectionary such as lollipops or chocolates are appreciative and generous.


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