How to Get Free Bonus Money to Start Forex Trading

If you want to start Forex trading with real money, you do not have to risk your own money at once. The No Deposit Bonus promotions of various brokers will help you to make the first steps.
by Updated January 31, 2013
No Deposit Bonus offer an excellent opportunity for beginners who would like to practice with real money  without having risk. How can you get a free bonus from the broker?

1. Use the Free Forex Bonus promotions from Forex Brokers

In order to receive a Free Forex Bonus, you don't have to transfer any funds to the broker. You just have to register an account and you will automatically receive your bonus without making a deposit. The money can instantly be used for Forex trading purposes and for earning profit. Here are Forex brokers that have free bonus promotions to start trading:

-- - Forex Platform - Get up to $1,000 Free Bonus and start Trading!
-- - Match Up Bonus! up to $10,000!

The No Deposit Forex Bonus promotions certainly have their special conditions. The amount of bonus is different by brokers, it is somewhere between 2-500 dollars. The maximum trading volume is generally set at a low level, for example 0.01 lot. You cannot have too many open positions, the maximum number of them is usually 2. The usage of Expert Advisor, i.e. automated trading software is not allowed. You also need to trade a certain number of lots within a given period of time. The earnings can usually be withdrawn after one month. The broker may deduct the amount of the bonus from the total balance of the account after the set period of time if you don't make a deposit. But your earnings  over the amount of the bonus can be withdrawn without the need to make a deposit. Withdrawal may be subject to other conditions, you may be required to trade a pre-defined amount of lots for every dollar of the profit.

2.  Contribute to the forum of the broker firm

An interesting type of free Forex bonus is the Forum bonus. Here you do not have to make any deposit in order to start Forex trading, you have to contribute to the forum of the broker firm instead. The amount of money you will receive depends on the thread in the forum (usually $0.03-0.15).
You need to register on the homepage of the broker and post at its forum. The bonus is provided after each post. The good thing is that you can receive an unlimited number of posting bonuses. The minimum amount of words in a post is set, a post cannot be too short, it needs to have at least 30 words, for example. You need to complete a certain number of posts in order to get the bonuses, usually  30 posts. The number of posts per day is limited.
The money earned with the Forum bonus can be withdrawn after a given number of trades. Each trade  has to last for a given period of time, e.g. 10-30 minutes.

3. Join a demo trading contest

If you want to be a successful trader, you have to practice a lot on a demo account. Once you practice, why don't you join a trading contest and win real money for trading. The amount of the bonus is a certain percent of the profit in the contest account, depending on the contest. If you take one of the prize-winning places, you get real money to your live account at the end of the contest. The broker sets a limit, e.g. 40 %, and those participants who made a profit above this limit are entitled for the bonus.
Each competition has its own rules that specify the minimum and maximum lot size, number of trades and allowable trading strategies.

Forex trading involves substantial risks, but No Deposit Forex Bonuses allow you a risk-free start in the Forex market. You get a Forex account with real money on it without any deposit. If you make profit, you can keep it and there is nothing to lose.



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