How to Exercise Your Eyes to Lessen Eye Strain

by Updated June 24, 2013

Have you ever tried exercising your eyes? If you haven’t, then this article can teach you how to do just that. However, take note that exercising your eyes won’t sharpen your vision. It can only slow down its deterioration process and help to lessen eye strain.

1.) Carefully look down and up with your eyes. Do this routine for 8 reps. After the down and up motion of your eyes, you can shift to a right to left eye routine. This should be done for 8 reps as well.

2.) Place an object in the farthest distance that you can see. Make sure that the object has a contrasting background. Look at the object for a few minutes. Have a 30 minute interval between each session of this exercise routine.

3.) Place a big clock in front of you. Put your attention at the center of the clock. After that, look at one of the hands of the clock. Perform this step for at least 12 reps.

4.) Do movements which involve rhythm. You can do movements with your head, round or bar wings in this step.

5.) Write something on a wall with the use of your eyes alone. Keep your head stationary while doing this step. Form larger letters with the movements of your eyes. It would even be better if you form a word that you can understand.

6.) Stretch your arm while holding a pencil. Now, slowly move your arm towards your nose. While doing this, make sure that you are looking at the pencil in your hand. Do this step for 10 rounds.

7.) For 15 seconds, look an object that is 50m away from you. After that, keep your head stationary as you shift your attention to an object that is only 10m away from you. Perform this for 5 rounds.

8.) Roll your eyes counter-clockwise. After that, go to the opposite direction. Do this step for 5 rounds. Don’t forget to blink in between rounds.

9.) Close your eyes and place each of your hands 3 fingers on top of the upper portion of your eyelids. Stay in that position for a maximum of 2 seconds. Remove your fingers and bring them back again for 5 rounds.

10.) Give your eyes a carefully done massage. This can either be an eyelid massage or a full face massage. If you’re not comfortable with a massage, then you can apply hot and cold compresses on your eyes instead.

11.) Tightly close your eyes for a maximum of 5 seconds. Open them in the same period of time. Do this step several times (preferably 8 times) until your eyes feel relaxed already.

12.) Find a chair that you can comfortably sit on. Now, put your two hands together. Rub them with each other until they feel warm. Close your eyes and put your slightly warm palms on top of them.

13.) Don’t forget to finish any type of eye exercise with another method that would make keep your eyes relaxed or you can go with palming instead.



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