How to Choose the Best Satellite TV Provider

by Updated September 16, 2013

There are lots of satellite TV deals to choose from, but selecting the best way can be a real tough decision. You have to balance so many factors and preferences, that you might end up getting frustrated and forgetting about it. Before getting to the point of subscribing with a provider, read through this simple article. It will go through everything you have to look at, so you know exactly what is important and what isn’t when searching for the right satellite TV package.

Direct TV

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When choosing a satellite TV provider, price is of course an issue, but it shouldn’t be the only issue. You want the provider’s package to fit into your monthly budget, but you don’t want to spend so little that you sacrifice channels or quality. Before looking up any satellite TV deals, set a rough budget.

However, don’t rigidly stick to that budget. If you find a provider with a few more great channels for $5 a month, then it wouldn’t be worth forsaking that for a cheaper package. Make a price margin, but don’t be completely strict with it.


The real reason you want satellite TV is to get all those amazing channels, and satellite TV sure has a lot of them! However, don’t just go by the number of channels; really look at what you are getting. Are you getting a lot of premium movie channels and channels with shows that you love? Or, are you just getting 1,000 boring channels that you will never watch?

Focus more on what you are getting from the package, not just the number of channels the provider can supply you with.

Reception Quality

So now you have all the channels you want to watch, but can you see them clearly? Satellite TV is sometimes bashed because of low quality reception, and choosing the wrong company might land you with a lot of static filled channels. This can be hard to judge before buying the package, so you should check out online reviews or look through the company’s guarantees. If they guarantee 100% clear reception or your money back, then you can generally rest easy with the company.

If you cannot find a guarantee or reviews, there is still one other thing you can do. See if the company has a refund period. For example, if the company will give you 30 days to decide on whether you want to keep satellite TV, then this gives you a month to check the service and see if it’s really good.


Everyone loves HDTV, but some satellite TV providers do not have channels with an HD signal. If you have an adequate HDTV and you really want to see your channels in eye-popping HD, then make sure the provider offers this service. Some may charge extra for this, so read the terms.

Extra Costs

Something else to really look for are those extra costs that may push a deal from dirt-cheap to really expensive. Aside from the package cost, look for per-room fees, hardware costs, programming fees, HD signal upgrade fees and the cost for the package after the initial 12 months.

Be sure to compare this price to your budget, as these extra fees can push up the package price $20-$100 more per month.


Finding the best satellite TV provider isn’t difficult; you just have to look into a few things before setting with one provider. Most of this information will be readily accessible through the provider’s website, but you may have to look at some other places, such as online reviews and forums, for more information. Just compare the packages, see what you are really getting and then sit back and have fun with your new satellite dish.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers and the best satellite tv deals in your area and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs.



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