How To Breeze Through Airport Security Without Problems

Don't let airport security make you miss your flight. Get through airport security quickly.
by Updated January 29, 2009

If you're a frequent traveler, you may sometimes feel like you spend more time getting through airport security than actually flying.  If that's the case, then you need to take a look at what you're doing that's causing you to become a target for security checks.

The first, very obvious tip is to never bring 'Prohibited Items' to the airport.  Sounds obvious, right?  Well, I know I had a very small Swiss army knife that I always carried in my handbag, I'd had it there for years, and had carried it onboard planes in the past.  Not the last time I traveled - it got confiscated.  If I'd checked my handbag before leaving home, I would have realized it was there and removed it, and saved myself a lot of hassle.  So check all your bags and pockets to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Make sure you're not wearing clothing that contains any metal or foil, including any accessories or other items.  Think also about the contents of your pockets - coins, money clips, keys, gum wrappers, your cell phone - they all contain metal.  If you still want to carry these items through airport security, then it might be easiest to put them altogether in a transparent plastic bag, so that you can quickly pull them out to go through the scanner, rather than the hassle of setting off the alarm when you walk through.

Also, check your shoes.  Many shoes have metal caps which can set off the alarms.  Check, too, to make sure your shoes don't have unusually thick soles.  These will catch the eye of security, because thick soles may mean hidden cavities for hiding things.

Even after you've done all your checks to try and minimize the chance you'll be stopped at airport security, it can still happen.  So always allow plenty of time prior to your flight's departure.  The airport security staffs main concern is in making sure you're not a risk in any way - they don't care if you miss your plane.  So save yourself the stress.  If you get through quickly, you can always sit and have a coffee or read your paper before departure.

There's no doubt that it would be much simpler if you didn't have to worry about airport security every time you had to catch a plane, but the reality is, that world events mean that security is only going to get tighter, not easier.  Many airports are now banning most carry on luggage, which may only be a temporary precaution, but could well end up being a permanent state of affairs.  It's always wise to check current security requirements well before departure, so that you can be prepared when you arrive at the airport.  If you take the time to make sure you meet all the requirements, your chances of breezing through airport security are much higher.



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