How to Begin Lucid Dreaming

Learn how to lucid dream.

A lucid dream is a “controlled dream”. It occurs inside a normal dream when you become aware that you are dreaming. Thus, you gain the ability to direct the dream to where you want it to end. Below are some steps that you can do for you to easily remember your lucid dreams.

1.) Whenever you’re awake, constantly ask this question: “Is this a dream?” Make this a habit for you to easily distinguish dream from reality when you’re already asleep. It’s simply the perfect exercise for the unconscious part of your brain so do this step as often as you can.

2.) Create a dream diary. This material can either be in writing or recorded audio. We all know how dreams fly quickly from our minds. Thus, in order for us to keep track of them, we are recommended to have a dream diary nearby every evening for us to use it right away when morning comes.

3.) Know your own sleep routine and modify it for you to have more lucid dreams. The best time to have this type of dream would be hours before you finally wake up in the morning.

4.) Try to wake up 4 and a half, 6 or 7 and a half hours after sleeping. After that, recall what happened in your dream. Go back to sleep and start imagining that you are in the last scene of your interrupted dream. However, continue to remind yourself that you are only dreaming.

5.) You can also wake up 5 hours after falling asleep. This technique is better known as the Wake Back To Bed method. After waking up, be awake for 60 minutes and think of nothing but your lucid dream. Hit the sack again by following step 4.

6.) You can try the Wake Initiated Lucid Dream or WILD method as well. Bring your conscious state as you go to sleep for you to easily come up with a lucid dream. You can do this by meditating or even by counting sheep before going to sleep.

7.) Try the Diamond Method of meditation too. While meditating, imagine that your reality and dream world are basically the two faces of a diamond for you to easily distinguish them from one another.

8.) Write a huge “A” = awake at the palm of your hand with the use of any type of marker. It is for you to remember this symbol even when you’re asleep and for you to start creating lucid dreams as soon as you can.

9.) Perform a minimum of 3 reality checks on a regular basis. Get this habit into your dream world for you to easily draw a line between reality and fantasy. For example, while awake, try making air jumps for you to immediately recognize that you can’t really fly in real life unlike what’s happening in your dream.

10.) Stay in your lucid dream as long as you can. You can rub your hands or spin for you not to easily get distracted and finally come back to real life. Just don’t spin too much for you may actually perform that action and fall out of bed.

11.) Get back to your dream diary. If your dreams have a certain pattern, then take note of that detail for it can serve as your “dream sign”. Once you already have a dream sign, then you can easily be lucid in your dreams upon seeing this sign for your mind knows that you’re only dreaming.

Gritz's Hand Technique with a Modern Touch

1.) Before you go to sleep, stare at your palms for half an hour and repeatedly say this: “Tonight, I would have a dream about….”

2.) Complete that phrase with the kind of dream that you want to have.

3.) When you already feel sleepy, get under your sheets and slowly place your head on your pillow.

4.) When you rise in the middle of your dream, stare at your palms again and state the phrase that you have been practicing in this method.

5.) Just do this technique every single night for you to envision your palms in your dreams and immediately realize that you are just dreaming.



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