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When should I consider pet euthanasia for my cat?

Am I being selfish if I do so?

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Generally, cats become so ill that it is kinder to ask your vet to “put them to sleep”. Do not be afraid to take your elderly cat for treatment since your vet will not suggest euthanasia just because your cat is old and slightly sick. If you are in doubt with the quality of life your cat is leading you should ask yourself, “Is my cat in pain and discomfort that cannot be controlled by medication?”, “Is he able to walk and balance steadily?”, “Is he eating or drinking and vomiting afterwards?”, “Is his breathing ok?”,”Is he able to pass urine and feces regularly and easily?”, “ Are you able to provide special care to your cat on a daily basis so he can live a happy life?” If your answer is “no” to any or some of these questions, a talk with your vet may reveal that it may be kinder, and not selfish on your part, to let them go and consider pet euthanasia.

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