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What is the meaning of Red Light Therapy?

What happens during Red Light Therapy?

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Red light therapy is a kind of therapy wherein it uses red light to cure some simple ailments and pains in the body. This kind of therapy has been around for quite a time and can sometimes be used together with the blue light therapy. The therapy is done through exposing the injured or problem area with the red light. As what theories behind this method say, red light treatment improves blood circulation in the body. Having a good blood flow reduces pain and improves the well-being of the person.

Red light therapy is said to be very advantageous since its can be used to treat headaches and muscle pains. By exposing the head with the red light, vessels relax as well as the muscles that are contracting will relax too. Once the muscles and vessels are relaxed, pain will eventually be subsided. Symptoms of depression can be alleviated with the use of the treatment. Even mild tics is said to be controllable once the person is exposed to red light. Skin acne especially among adolescents are often cause by stress and hormonal fluctuations. The red light treatment is said to be very helpful in removing and preventing acne breakouts.

Anxiety and depression can be decreased using the therapy. That is why red light therapy is said to be helpful for people who are undergoing depression and related illness. Red light treatment is also reported to be helpful for people who have sexual dysfunctions and related illnesses as well as it can promote faster wound healing.
Red light, when being used, activates Adenosine Triphosphate or commonly known as ATP. The ATP is the energy booster since it releases more energy for the body to use. If there is more energy in the body, bodily processes can take effect quickly, such as wound healing, increase blood circulation, and many others. People won’t feel tired or worn out.

This treatment is very promising, unfortunately, no sufficient scientific evidence is present which results to many people against the treatment.

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