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What is the meaning of an Internet Troll?

What is the definition of an Internet Troll?

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A troll is a mythical creature that is plain ugly, annoying, irritating, and mean. Unfortunately, the world of internet also has these nasty creatures. Internet trolls are those people who got nothing to do but to annoy other people. They are often found in blogs and forums where other internet-users are socializing, discussing, and sharing their views and opinions.

Internet trolls today are far worse and mean compared to the trolls decades ago. Today, these nasty internet creatures have evolved into something completely annoying and mean. They definitely know how to catch each bloggers attention and turn the page into a riot of words and comments. What they are doing is often called as “trolling.”

A troll often has multiple accounts to lure bloggers into believing that what they are saying is true. Aside from posting nasty comments, trolls also twist facts just to annoy its prey. They often want bloggers to change their point of view or just engage them in a battle in the internet world. Frustration and anger from the online community is what they are after. They often hurt, annoy, irritate, and give provide false facts just to achieve their purpose of plainly being a nuisance in the online communities.

The most effective way to combat trolls is just doing nothing. Trolls love all the attention they are getting even though these are negative attentions. They may have a lot of tactics to lure bloggers but by completely ignoring them, they will just simply vanish from the page and look for other victims to annoy. There are a lot of times wherein they stalk bloggers and their comments have become more and more dangerous. Website administrators can easily block their IP addresses to prevent them from making any contact with the page again. For worst cases, a report to the authorities is appropriate.

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