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What is the meaning of a Muse?

What does Muse mean?

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Many have sought for the inspiration of a muse. Many artists have become very successful because of their muses. A muse is often related to a woman whose beauty becomes an inspiration in writing songs, making works or art, and many more. Quite the contrary, not all muses are human beings. The real meaning of a muse is someone or something to be used for inspiration. However, most of the male artists in the olden times seek inspiration from their lovely ladies whom they loved and adored. There are artists who seek muse in a more spiritual realm, most of them are musicians in the newer era.

The word muse comes from the Greek mythology. Muses are the nine daughters of Zeus Mnemosyne wherein all of them were equally beautiful. These nine muses were of one being in spirit as well as in heart. A man who is loved by a muse is often termed as holy than any other living man. All his disappointments and sorrows will eventually vanish and the man can live a life full of inspiration.

An example of an artist that was inspired by several muses was the famous painter, Picasso. Picasso had loved, got hurt, and fell in love again by quite a number of lovely ladies during his time. These ladies became his inspiration for his artworks. When you try to view his creations, the paintings show different emotions that transpire during the time he created the paintings. Some were lively, probably indicating love and happiness, while others look sad, a depiction of his heart’s suffering.

Even in the line of music, muses are always a great subject to be inspired with. Oftentimes, music lovers and makers find their inspiration from their muses. It can be a sad or a happy inspiration. They create melodies and songs based on how their muses affect them.

Even simple people who live simple lives have their own muses to get by and inspire them throughout their lives.

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