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What is the difference betwwen Effectiveness and Efficiency?

What's different between Effectiveness and Efficiency?

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Effectiveness and efficiency are both very important to achieve success. These two factors are essential to keep things going and they should be equally balanced to gain the goal and be successful with it. These two terms are very different from each other although they are often regarded as the same by some.

Effectiveness involves doing the right things. It does not necessarily equate to the right output, however, effectiveness is very important to keep on track for the goal to become a reality. Effectiveness focuses not only on the goal but how they can properly achieve it. It means that it a long term process that involves thinking about what may transpire in the future. It requires people to think, explore, and discover for a long term success.

Efficiency focuses in the right actions to achieve the goal. This means that the focus stays on what means were being done to achieve the goal. It does not allow any mistakes to happen along the process because efficiency also involves achieving goals while using a limited amount of resources. It demands repetition which means that in only uses processes or methods that have been proven or tested. It does not venture into the untested methods for the fear of mistakes. It is more of the perfection of the process rather than the perfection of the outcome.

Having learned the differences of these two very important terms for success, we can now see why these two are equally important. Both of these terms and what they represent need to be in every aspect of planning for the desired goal to be realized as well as doing the good method to make the goals happen. We need to be efficient in our methods and be effective on how we plan them. One is not superior from the other.

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