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What is the difference between Taiwanese vs. Chinese?

What Makes a Taiwanese Different From a Chinese?

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Characteristics of a Chinese

• They live in China which has the name People’s Republic of China
• They give more importance to the men in the society rather than women. Women in China are often underestimated not because they don’t have the skills to excel in their respective fields but simply because they were born females and not males.
• They have greater ambitions than the Taiwanese. This explains why there are a lot of richer Chinese in other countries compared to Taiwanese.

Characteristics of a Taiwanese

• They live in Taiwan which is smaller than China and which is popular for being the Republic of China.
• They are in a better economic state compared to the Chinese. This may be brought about by the larger population that China has despite of its birth control policies.
• They have higher health and education standards than the Chinese. Thus, if you would visit Taiwan, you would surely notice the clean surroundings and the great value that they have placed on the education of their children.
• They are free to be involved with the political issues of their country. Taiwanese are never arrested for wanting to be aware of everything that is going on in their government.
• They promote equality among all genders. Thus, Taiwanese women are free to do everything they want compared to Chinese women. They can have jobs in the fields which are composed of almost all male professionals.
• They have a high level of respect for everybody. They don’t underestimate people for their gender or for their nationality.
• They are more compassionate than the Chinese. They are generally warm and friendly people.
• They have better relationships with other people. They communicate their feelings well which makes them better social beings.

The Similarity between a Chinese and a Taiwanese

• They both speak Mandarin.

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