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What is Facebook and what does it do?

What is and what's it really have to Offer?

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Facebook: More than Just a Social Networking Site

Almost every person in the world knows what Facebook is. It is a social networking site wherein you get to connect with your friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and even other people of similar interests. Practically, you can connect to anyone across the globe that has a Facebook account.

Facebook began its humble beginnings as a college project that was made and developed by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004. Upon running the website, he found out that it was very popular among college students so he expanded the website to other colleges and universities wherein it continues to grow. Mark Zuckerberg then hired his two college friends, Chris Hughes and Duston Moskovitz to work on the expansion of the website globally.

At first, Facebook, or TheFacebook which is its first name, became available only to English-speaking countries. Zuckerberg quit college to expand further the website and make it available to everyone across the globe.

Now, Facebook allows each and everyone to be updated every single day. When a person adds someone as a friend, that person will be updated to whatever posts, status, and photos the person shares online. The best part of Facebook is that it has an unlimited storage which is perfect for uploading photos at a limitless number. Privacy settings can also be managed by the account holder. He or she can choose to set the privacy settings wherein only his friends or chosen friends can view, block malicious accounts, and even choose privacy settings for each photo or updates.

Facebook allows you to connect to other people of similar interests such as in sports, music, universities, and localities. It also allows the user to get regular updates from their favorite starts, musicians, athletes, politicians, and public figures by being a fan of their pages. Aside from that Facebook also allows users to create pages which is perfect for online businesses as well as updates from a circle of interests.

Facebook is indeed a perfect arena for people to communicate, interact, and socialize to different people. It has made the world a smaller place yet big enough for new discoveries, updates, and many more.

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