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What happens when you Crack your Joints?

What goes on when you begin Cracking your Joints

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All about the Cracking in One’s Joints

• Most of the time, it’s actually normal to hear our joints crack.
• On the other hand, that sound can be born out of force as well.
• Nevertheless, we are the ones who usually do things to hear that cracking sound. For example, some people press the knuckles of their fingers to make them feel more relieved. The joints of the bones in their hands crack when they perform this action.
• Stretching your back, moving your arms and walking up or down the stairs are actions that can cause your joints to crack as well.
• Your elbows, ankles, knees, neck, back and knuckles are the parts of your body which contain joints. Thus, you can expect them to give off a cracking sound.
• Ligament and tendons move inside the joint or gases escape from it which explains the sound that you hear from your joints. This sound doesn’t necessarily mean that you got your bones broken while you are doing things that you usually do.
• Capsules protect the joints inside your body. When these capsules are quickly stretched, gas is being produced and eventually released from the joint. This leads to the cracking sound that you usually hear.
• However, this is not the case in joints that are in poor condition. You will hear unhealthy joints crack most of the time when they get in contact with each other. Friction can cause healthy joints to crack too but this is not a usual case with people who have well nourished bones.
• Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you intentionally crack your bones or not. The action can diminish the quality of your joints so you should try your best to prevent it from happening.
• See your doctor immediately if you feel pain in your cracking joint.

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