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What does Romnesia mean?

What is the meaning of the term "Romnesia"?

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Romnesia is the condition that is used to describe Mitt Romney's tendency to wholly contradict, conveniently forget about, flip-flop and evade his own positions from what he has said in the past about a host of issues in order to fool voters into voting for him.

Romnesia describes Mitt Romney's condition of "conveniently forgetting what his own positions are."  So what is Romnesia? When you etch a sketch everything you once believed until you make it up all over again.

Romnesia is the act of forgetting a statement, position or belief that you had previously expressed and changing it to the opposite point of view with regards to it.

Forgetting what your own "severely conservative" positions are, and hoping voters will too: that's Romnesia.

"Romnesia" makes it far too easy for Mitt Romney to totally contradict and be a serial flip-flopper on many of the positions he's taken in the past (day, week or year) without feeling any sense of dissonance or irony.

Mitt’s “Romnesia” has come to light on a range of issues — from equal pay, contraception, abortion, tax cuts for the rich, and more. Luckily Mitt’s “Romnesia” can be cured — thanks to Obamacare, which guarantees coverage to people with preexisting conditions.

Essentially, Romnesia is a nice way of saying, "Hey Mitt Romney, YOU ARE A WEASEL".

Romnesia (noun) - When a politician can't remember what he said earlier in the day. See also: outright liar, panderer

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