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What does Brain Fog mean?

What is the main factors that contribute to Brain Fog? Are there any cures for Brain Fog?

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Brain fog is something that is experienced by almost everybody but can’t be called as a diagnosis yet. Nevertheless, it doesn’t choose an age group to attack.

Someone who has a brain fog…

• doesn’t understand things clearly most of the time
• gets confused about matters
• is oblivious to the events that are going on in his or her surroundings
• tends to forget important details
• is usually sad
• thinks low of himself or herself

The Triggering Factors of Brain Fog:

• Fatigue is the usual cause of this condition simply because it deprives the brain of the energy that it needs to do its tasks.
• malnutrition, chemical and food reactions
• adrenal exhaustion
• denial
• biochemical, emotional and spiritual stress

The Effects of Brain Fog to an Individual:

• The patient is expected to have conflicts with one’s family, colleagues, friends and even with his or her partner.
• He or she can have the tendency to destroy one’s life and even do things that are against the law.

The Benefits of Brain Fog:

• This condition can actually be beneficial for people who are dealing with a lot of problems and are really stressed out. It lets them “breathe” for a while. It allows them to calm down, be less frustrated and actually develop a less gloomy disposition.

How to be cured from Brain Fog:

The treatment for this condition is determined by its triggering factors. Thus, you should only allow the patient to do the things below only if they are suitable for the individual.

• Exercise, eat nutritious foods and sleep at least 8 hours a day.
• Meditate or talk with a skilled counselor
• Undergo medical treatment

Lastly, you have to know that brain fog is not an inborn condition. It can last a lifetime but a person can definitely be treated from it.

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