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What Causes Mosquito Bites to Itch?

Why are Mosquito Bites Itchy?

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There`s nothing more annoying than a mosquito bite. From the sounds they make to their ability to sting you without noticing, they are definitely a nuisance. Countless victims fall prey to their blood sucking ways and without warning, itchy bumps start to form.

Ever wonder why you notice a mosquito’s bite only when it gets itchy and not while it’s happening? Well these quick acting insects produce anti-blood clogging fluids to help their stingers extract your blood without notice. Once they land on you, they get to work right away and they leave you with a surprise only to be found later.

Once this fluid enters the body, we have a small allergic reaction to its properties. It turns the skin red, swells, and creates a tremendously irritating itch. While mosquito bites are annoying, their reaction can be quite beneficial. In many counties around the world mosquitoes are notorious for carrying life-threatening diseases and the mild swelling acts as an early warning system for a potentially fatal situation. Sometimes symptoms do not develop immediately but by simply knowing that you were bit you can transfer this information to a medical professional to treat you appropriately.

Many people have a lot of exposure to mosquitoes and therefore build a resistance for mosquito bites. If they’re lucky, their skin does not react to a bite in the same way regular people do. Much like taking antibiotics, if you take them too often, your body will become accustomed to the medication and eventually build a resistance. This is why adults have less of a reaction than children. Their bodies are familiar with the mosquito’s saliva and can repel it more easily. Nonetheless, adults who have not been exposed to mosquitos for long periods of time can have regular allergic reactions.

People who are not so lucky can have extremely severe reactions. Beyond just an itchy bump, the skin can develop sores or welts. This is particularly common among children as they can develop chicken pox like symptoms. If this occurs, antihistamines are recommended to reduce the swelling.

The reaction from a mosquito bite can vary from mild to severe. Since there is the potential for more than just itchy skin, it is best to avoid locations heavy in mosquitoes. Precautions such as mosquito repellent, window screens and long-sleeve clothing are recommended in areas with a high population of mosquitoes.

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