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What are the differences between a Highway and Freeway?

How does a Highway differ from a Freeway?

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Roads are very important because it connects one place to another. Without roads, traveling will be a problem especially for those who travel on land. Roads provide easy access for goods to be delivered or moving from one town to another. Road travelers are often familiar when it comes to the different kinds of roads and their characteristics. Two roads that are often travelled with are the highway and the freeway.

What is a Freeway?
A freeway is a major road that connects different towns and cities. It is a large road that caries 4 or up to more than 6 lanes and the road is wider than a highway. Traffic is often seen in freeways however; long-distance travelers love to travel on freeway because vehicles can travel at a high speed. A freeway is often located on areas wherein there are less people, less intersections, and less turns. Typically, these are roads that are long and straight. Tollbooths are not a common sight as well as traffic lights too. Even stop lights are not even seen in freeways. This type of road also has barriers in between lanes which makes it safer to travel.

What is a Highway?
A highway is a road that also connects cities and towns but these roads are located on crowded areas. That is why stop lights, traffic lights, and many other signs are visible in the highway. Highways also require vehicles to travel in a slower speed than vehicles travelling on freeways. Unlike freeways, a highway often has 2 or 4 lanes that are undivided or without barriers from different directions. Tollbooths are also common in highways. Intersections and turns are also common in highways especially when reaching large cities or towns.

Road repairs for highways and freeways are governed by different entities in the government. A highway is the responsibility of the state and repairs are initiated by the state. Freeways on the other hand are owned by the federal government and the state can also initiate freeway repairs but on a percentage basis.

In a nutshell, a highway may have a speed limit and does not include very high speed driving. On the other hand, a freeway is a limited access highway where not any and everyone is allowed. Some freeways do not allow motorcycles to enter and usually have a high speed limit. Highways connect cities with with crossroads, buildings and places to stop on the way, whereas a freeway is a constant road without any intersections, houses, or any buildings on the way.

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