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Differences between a Two Stroke Engine and Four Stroke Engine?

Which is Better? Two Stroke Engine or Four Stroke Engine?

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Two stroke and four stroke engines are different in ways more than one. A lot of people don’t know how these two types of engines differ from each other and which of them is better. To start with, these two types of engines are good in whatever kind of vehicle it is used for.

Four stroke engines are often used in larger vehicles such as cars and trucks. This is because a four stroke engine is durable, gas saver, and more efficient when it comes to performance. It may be slow to start at first because of its complicated process in contrast to the simpler two stroke engine, but the four stroke engine lasts longer and can perform at a longer time. The four stroke engine is named as such because of the four processes it follows and these are intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Aside from these four strokes, this type of engine still undergoes a complicated mechanical process to get the engine moving.

The two stroke engine on the other hand is often used in smaller machines such as motorcycles, lawn mowers, motorboats, and many other similar type of machine. Two stroke engine has a better start since it has a simpler mechanism which it fires up every revolution, unlike the once every other revolution from the four stroke engine. The engine is light and very easy to use. Unlike the four stroke counterpart, unfortunately the two stroke engine pollutes more and is not efficient on saving gas. It easily can wear and tear and not very durable. Oftentimes a two stroke engine is perfect for short distances that don’t need endurance. It requires higher maintenance because the simple mechanism won’t allow proper lubricating system.

Having seen the overview of these two types of engines, we can now say that not one engine is superior to the other. It is up to the user, we people, on how we take care of our engines to maximize their usage. The type of vehicle and machine as well as how it is being used plays a great role in maintaining and keeping the engines in top shape.

4 strokes have a crank-case which means they have an oil reserve. The oil is pumped throughout the motor. A 2 stroke doesnt so, the oil is mixed with the gas either directly or with an injection system. 4 strokes hav more torque but they are heavier and more complicated. The 2 strokes have less torque but can rev to much higher RPMs. Small bikes (500 cc and smaller) work well with 2 strokes but big bikes need the 4 stroke version.

The main difference lies in the stroke cycle. A four stroke engine make one power stroke in every four, whereas a 2 stroke engine's every second stroke is the power stroke. As Judd as stated, not all 4 stroke have their engine oil in the sump/crankcase. Harley Davidson engines and Ford Deuce cars have an external oil container form which two pipes (Inlet and outlet) perform the task of lubrication.
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As you have to have it serviced, it may cause some clogging in the fuel and air system that may cause the engine to stop while running or may create a problem to start. Sometimes this can be easily resolved by some general repair tips that you can read online at link page, that helped me to resolve my car’s engine overheating problem.

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