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Should I cut the strings holding together the flaps of my sports jacket?

Are you supposed to cut the strings that hold together the back flaps of a sports jacket? Or do you leave the vents tied down?

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Yes, cut the single threads (strings) that keep the vents (or flaps) tied down on your sports jacket. They are only sewn together during assembly to keep the jacket flat. Some sports jackets have two vents in the back, others may only have one vent in the middle. Some pocket flaps may also be sewn together with a single piece of thread that can also be cut. So before wearing the jacket, you'll want to make sure to cut these threads.


I was told by the man working in the shop where i bought my 'casual blazer' (instead of thin pale lines, mine is darker lines but also a black blazer) that i could cut it, but he recommend that i left it alone, because it makes it look newer and you can sell it easier if you want (i think) but definitely it looks newer (stylish?)

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