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ITunes will not refresh podcasts?

I recently recreated my iTunes Library file, but now my podcasts won't refresh to get the latest podcasts when I hit the "Refresh" button. I don't see the spinning icon in iTunes that would show iTunes is checking for new podcasts. Why won't iTunes refresh my podcasts?

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After re-creating your iTunes library file, you may need to re-subscribe to your podcasts in order for them to "Refresh" with the latest podcast episodes. You can re-subscribe to the podcasts a number of different ways, but probably the easiest is to follow these steps:

1) Open iTunes
2) Select "Podcasts" on the left menu.
3) Now in the main window, left-click on the each podcast that has not been refreshing while holding down the "Ctrl" key (on Windows computer). This will highlight the podcasts.
4) With all your podcasts highlighted, right-click on the highlighted podcasts and then in the pop-up window click on "Subscribe Podcast"
- If you don't see "Subscribe Podcast" in the pop-up menu, but instead see "Unsubscribe Podcast", it more than likely means you have already subscribed to a podcast that may be in your highlighted list. Try highlighting few podcasts, if you run into this.
5) iTunes will now refresh your podcasts correctly and get all the most recent podcasts you are subscribed to.

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