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Is GoDaddy 4th Generation Web Hosting any good?

Has anyone tried GoDaddy's 4th Generation Web Hosting that they just came out with? Is it any better than there old web hosting, which was pretty terrible in my opinion. Just wondering if it's worth trying out as my new web host?

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GoDaddy's new 4GH (Fourth-Generation Hosting) is much better than their old Shared hosing plans, which had been total rubbish (if you had ever used their old shared hosting you would definitely know this).

However, now with 4GH, GoDaddy has built a more flexible hosting platform that is performance based, so when your site's traffic spikes, 4GH can respond and allocate more resources to it, so it stays up and running, which wasn't the case with the old shared hosting plans. Compared with Shared Hosting, 4GH has better availability and scalability when your site gets more traffic.

Here are a list of the following web technologies that GoDaddy 4GH Supports currently: 
•ASP .NET (1.1, 2.0, 3, 3.5, and 4.0)
•Python CGI
•PHP 4 and 5
•Perl w/ FASTCGI


The following are not currently supported, but may be supported in a future release:
•Ruby on Rails
•FrontPage Extensions

You can actually start using the Godaddy 4GH web hosting basic plan for only $1.99/mo, which is incredibly cheap.

For more details on GoDaddy's 4th Generatraion Web Hosting Plans, click here.

I just upgraded my sites to 4GH after receiving an email from Godaddy for a free upgrade offer. After upgrade most of my PHP apps are breaking. These apps have been running for many years on their regular hosting. I contacted support and they blame my scripts for all the issues.

Ofcourse, they claim to have all the features mentioned, but if it breaks my apps, why would I want to host there?

I use Go daddy and the 4hg works faster and much better.

I was a godaddy customer 3 years ago, then I move away to and due to old godaddy hosting was totally a crap, but both of them bluehost & webhostingpad kicked me out, suspend my site because they reported my site facing a DDOS attack. then I found out it is not DDOS but a very high traffics load on certain period , my site business nature will hit 35K visitor within 15 mins.
I have no choice but looking around for other hosting solutions included the cheap and lousy and I found this 4HG, so I register for a 3 months try.

I can feels that it is better and fast, although my site hit a lot of "Error 503 Temporry down..." during peak hour. but Godaddy never suspend my site so far, going to upgrade my hosting to deluxe so it can accept more connections :)

I was just upgraded to Delux and the 4gh bit. My access times dropped 300%, So I am happy with that. Delux is cool, unlimited hosting domains and 150gig storage is nice, Now I'm thinking of expanding my offerings for my TV informercials. needs bandwidth and goddady has provided.

I can tell you I just moved about 40 MySQL database driven websites from MEDIA TEMPLE to GODADDY 4GH UNLIMITED. The hosting service thus far seems to be almost identical to that of MEDIA TEMPLE Grid Hosting as far as speed & setup goes, but I can tell you from a Support standpoint that MEDIA TEMPLE has the major edge in my opinion, especially if you try calling Godaddy in the middle of the night, their support staff is lacking knowledge for sure it seems. But I don't usually require a lot of support, so this wasn't extremely important to me.

Advantages of UNLIMITED GODADDY 4GH in my opinion:
#1 PRICE I was able to get basically 3 YEARS of UNLIMITED 4GH Hosting for what I was paying MEDIA TEMPLE for 1 Year.
UNLIMITED Domain Names compared to MEDIA TEMPLE's 100 Domain Name maximum. (for future growth this was an important factor to me).

So I hope this helps those who are thinking about switching, basically if you're a person who requires a lot of help & support setting your hosting up MEDIA TEMPLE is GREAT, if you're a little on the technical side and host a lot of websites like me then threUNLIMITED GODADDY 4GH is the ticket n my opinion.

I just opened up a 4GH Ultimate Windows plan and have nothing but problems so far. Getting 500(Internal Server) errors, and " Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded" constantly. When the site does work it is VERY slow.

I contacted support and they said the site was up without problems but is was running just a little slow. I'm giving them a chance for a day or so if they can't get it resolved I'm gone...

I worked on a website for someone a couple years ago running godaddy and their site was very fast. I was impressed with them back then. Now, this is a disappointment.

Very unhappy with Godaddy 4GH, have the Ultimate plan, unlimited everything until you start using it, the mail boxes are a mess, you dont have unlimited storage but unlimited 100mb boxes! Also create a database and expect to wait an age to use it! As for technical support, what do they get paid to do? all they do is email me links to help pages. I have had to make 24 technical help requests in the first month for stupid litte problems that have caused me a huge loss in work.

As for speed of 4GH i have no idea as my site i svery basic at mo as the complex parts wont work on 4GH.

Wanna be a ginnea pig for Godaddy than be my guest but im leaving!

I just moved my web to the new service a few days ago. I get about 20,000 hits a day. It seems fine.

My site was having major issues with page load time - around 5 seconds a page. As a test I put a test domain on 4GH hosting I purchased and copied my site to it. Page load was much faster, just over 1 second consistently. Not sure that I trust alot of other hosts out there, and Rackspace is expensive. I have yet to experience downtime, but I'll let you know how it goes.

Godaddy 4gh hosting stinks. I upgraded to 4gh yesterday; now it takes MINUTES to load each page, among other problems. It's slower than "dial-up." Result: I'm losing customers. Also, all my HTML files were given Executable permissions in the file manager automatically when I upgraded. I'm definitely packing up all my websites and leaving Godaddy.

I use it and I personally think it's the best I've used. I've helped several individuals and business over the past few years and I have to say not only is it by far the best but it's very competitve.

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