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Is Bluehost better than Godaddy web hosting?

Would you recommend Bluehost vs. Godaddy for my web hosting? Which hosting service is better?

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Bluehost has been a far more reliable web host than GoDaddy. Bluehost also has a ton of features that make setting up your website really easy. For instance, if you use wordpress for your blog, Bluehost has a one click install of wordpress.

GoDaddy's old shared hosting was very unreliable and slow, and not much in the way of features. However, their 4th Generation Hosting is a huge step in the right direction for taking their web hosting services to the next level. However, GoDaddy 4GH is still quite new so GoDaddy may need some time to work out some of the issues that come with a cloud hosting service.

So with that said, I would recommend going with the web hosting company that's been more reliable and is a dedicated web hosting company, so I'd choose Bluehost.

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