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I have a WII and want to deactivate Netflix so that I can give the unit to my son. How do I do it?

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You can deactivate Netflix on its website. You will see the "Your Account & Help" link in the upper-right corner of the page. When you click on it, "Watching Instantly on your TV or Computer" will appear. There you need to click on "manage netflix ready devices and computers". This shows a list of your activated devices. Click on "deactivate" and then on "continue".

My girlfriend and I just deactivated Netflix off her Wii since her niece was using it way too much. This method works for other devices, such as the PS3 and XBOX 360, but for some reason it did not work with the Wii. The method we found that works is by loading Netflix to the screen where you can select what you want to watch, and pressing in sequence, up up down down left right left right up up up up. This brings you to a screen where you can deactivate the Wii's Netflix from there, and the Netflix will reset to the 'Start your free trial' page. I realize this question is a few months old, but am just answering this for reference for others.

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