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How long after you view someone should they stop appearing in the 6 box on facebook profile?

Ok, I've been friends with someone on facebook for about 2 months. I've looked at their profile about once a week and their pictures maybe twice. He sent me one thing about a month ago but now he keeps showing up in my 6 box. How long after the last time I look at his profile should he stop showing up in my 6 box.

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Not sure there is a definitive answer to this question.

If you view his profile every week, (he possibly views yours), and you've private messaged, then most likely he will continue to show up.

However, if you stop viewing his profile completely, and he doesn't view yours, then it might take a month or two for his picture to stop showing up as often. Chances are it will continue to show up every so often either way.

I purposely "fb stalked" a random friend of mine for a few days about 4 months ago. (note that I've NEVER ever had any interaction with that friend. That's why I chose her for my experiment.) She started showing up in my 6-box a few days after I started stalking her and she still shows up there very frequently. I had to put her in my acquaintances list to get rid of her face from my 6-box

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