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How is Techno and Trance Music different?

Hitting the Dance Floor with Techno and Trance Music. What's the difference?

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Disco clubs play remix music with their own style. Techno and trance music have been popularly known and widely used in disco clubs and party places. They give the dancers on the dance floor the energy and beat they needed to enjoy the night. This music always has set the moods for dancing and partying. They may sound alike from average listeners and party goers but techno and trance music are different from each other.

Techno Music
Techno music focuses on beats and rhythm but melody is not part of its form. You can hear when you go to the club and here music that is repetitive and often mixed with other tracks. The purpose of this type of music is to maintain the beat and steady the melody to provide nonstop dancing on the dance floor. The beat of this type of music is always fast, upbeat, and aims to keep the body in motion, never letting it rest. African Americans from Detroit are the ones responsible for starting and spreading techno music since the 1980s. Up to now, it still has been enjoyed in party clubs where slow songs can be fast and upbeat with the help of techno music.

Trance Music
Trance music emerged from the party houses in Europe on the 1990s. It is still an upbeat music but with varying melodies and beat. The sounds are not repetitive and there are portions in the music wherein the melody goes fast then descends to a slow pace. Like techno, trance music can still be remixed with other tracks and would create a very nice mix of melodies and sounds. While it also serve to let the people dance, trance music also allows people to just sit, relax, and allow the melodies to play its part with varying degrees of heightened rhythms to slow paced beats.

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