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How do I turn off Facebook tagging my location in status updates?

How can I turn off Facebook automatically posting my location in status updates?

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To turn off the city location that may get posted automatically when posting a Facebook status updates do the following:

1) Start writing a new "Update Status"
2) Then when you see the location showing at the bottom of the status box (a little place icon) hover over the city and look for an X to the right of the city.
3) Click on the X button and your statuses will no longer have the location added to them automatically. (Note: if you don't see the city or X button, when posting a status update, then you have most likely turned it off)

Any idea how to turn it back on??
You can turn it back on, the same way you turn it off essentially.

Just start writing a Status Update.
1) Then click on the "Places" icon, and select your location.
2) Then Post your status update.
3) The location identifier will then be turned on when posting additional status updates. –  Answers  Dec 2nd, 2011 at 6:59 PM

I did that on the Web version but my mobile keeps tagging my location. Since this is, oh I don't know, only the most personal thing Facebook could share, it would be nice if it didn't suck ass so bad, I couldn't disable it.

turn your location setting for facebook off on your phone. This stops Facebook accessing your location though your phone.

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